Prepare to Move
August 27, 2019

Prepare to Move

So, you’ve purchased your brand new dream home. You’ve made your selections and can hardly wait to bask in your completely personalized domain. Settlement is approaching and everything is in order. The only thing left to do is wait for confirmation of the closing date. Or so you thought. There is one more thing left to do; prepare to move.

Now may be a good time to catch up on Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The renowned organizer and author Marie Kondo will inspire you to purge belongings that don’t “spark joy.” It’s time for you to Kondo your condo.

There are many moving checklists online.  Try the Ultimate Moving Checklist from Bed Bath & Beyond complete with available print out. The key is to stay organized and start early.  This checklist advises you on what to do from 8 weeks before your move to just a few days before the big day. has a comprehensive Who to Notify When You Move: The Ultimate 15-Point Checklist so that you don’t forget to update your address with essential organizations, services and people.

The HGTV Moving Checklist starts at 60 days before moving day and guides you through tasks one week after your move into your new home.

Zillow’s article What to Unpack First in Your New Home will help you sort through unpacking essentials.

What does all this advice have in common? Organization is the key to a smooth move. Our advice? Organization is key but flexibility and a sense of humor may save the day.

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