Why  Buy New?

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There are many benefits to buying a new construction home. While designing a home and choosing finishes to reflect your personal style is a high priority for most new construction homebuyers, there are also many practical advantages to purchasing new home over a pre-owned home. Why buy new construction? Here are our top reasons.

Reason No. 10


Your new home has been personalized for you! It reflects your style and your needs. There’s no need to renovate or update or add to your to-do list to make your home your own. Move-in, relax and enjoy your new domain.

Reason No. 9


All new and under warranty. Builders typically provide a homeowner’s warranty on the structural components of your home. Your all-new, never-used appliances will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Reason No. 8

Style it your way

You will make your own selections from the latest styles, colors and materials. You won’t have to adapt to or replace the cabinetry, fixtures, countertops, lighting or flooring chosen by a previous owner.

Reason No. 7

Say no to renovations

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The major components of the home are new, so you will not be replacing the roof, windows, appliances, water heater or HVAC system for many years.

Reason No. 6


You're home is safer with new electrical wiring and plumbing throughout, plus higher-amp circuit breakers, GFCI outlets, new garage doors with openers and safety sensors.

Reason No. 5


New construction homes come complete with smarter systems of wiring and cables ready for today’s electronics and entertainment systems. And outlets. Lots of outlets.

Reason No. 4


New homes have plenty of closets and storage areas. If you’ve ever lived in a home with a shortage of either (or both), you’ll appreciate this more than you can imagine.

Reason No. 3

Energy efficient

Lower energy costs and greater comfort with high efficiency heating and cooling systems and superior insulation are included in today’s new homes. Energy efficient windows and appliances reduce your energy footprint.

Reason No. 2

Choose your exterior style

You can select your exterior finishes too! Builders offer a selection of exterior styles and materials so that the outside can reflect your taste and style as much as the interior.

Reason No. 1

Lots of light and open plans

Open plan kitchen and family room at Marsh Lea by Moser HomesMarsh Lea by Don Pearse Photograhers, Inc.

New homes are built with light and open floor plans with high ceilings and lots of windows. Some new homes have main level owner’s suites, flexible rooms and the option to add or expand space to suit your needs.

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